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Have you frequently thought of taking your business online, but haven’t felt confident to do so?  Well, you don't have to be a technical wizard to start your online business. From PHP Programming to Database Development, OMR Solutions is well versed in the key technologies that drive the Internet business. Our simple and very low-cost web packages will help you start your E-Business and E-Commerce website more easily than you ever expected. We specialize in E-Business and E-Commerce solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

Our clients include a wide range of manufacturers, software developers, distributors, and service organizations selling in the B2B market. OMR Solutions’s e-business is an end-to-end sample solution that demonstrates the power of web development and Managed Web Hosting products and development tools to build complex e-Commerce solutions.



 OMR Solutions offer our clients a range of online solutions including the most appealing website design, development of complex multi-tier internet system and custom programming using the latest technologies in keeping with the current industry trends. We have the expertise and experience to use powerful platforms such as Web 2.0 to offer our clients the most comprehensive one stop online solutions such as
Website development, E-commerce solutions, E-Learning, Custom product catalogs, Inventory control systems, Complex business directories, Reservation systems, Communication tools, Newspapers and Publications, Corporate website solutions, Business recruitment, Online Auction system, Integrated e-commerce systems
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