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Through our years of experience, OMR Solution has refined its methodology into a structured framework that employs only the most effective and efficient practices.  The result is maximum performance and the highest quality to our customers.  Our approach is an interactive, result-driven one that guarantees you only the best customer service and overall experience. We guarantee you will reach your Web site goals with the highest quality, best price and total satisfaction.

We start off our projects with strong project management.  This interaction with one person rather than an entire team all at once, helps our clients better communicate and address all project concerns in the most effective manner. The project manager plans the project, manages the team, projects risks to the client, and is the primary point of contact for the client.

At OMR Solution we thoroughly do a requirement analysis.  We like to guarantee to our clients that we only deliver a product that meets with their specifications. We use several levels of requirements description:

  • Business Vision
  • Product Vision
  • Functional Specifications
  • Use Cases

OMR Solution constantly monitors quality of the project.  We have a dedicated quality department responsible for quality control at every project from its start up to delivery. We send out a team proportional to the size of the project to test the project in a defined timeframe.  This team works together with the development specialists.

 OMR Solutions offer our clients a range of online solutions including the most appealing website design, development of complex multi-tier internet system and custom programming using the latest technologies in keeping with the current industry trends. We have the expertise and experience to use powerful platforms such as Web 2.0 to offer our clients the most comprehensive one stop online solutions such as
Website development, E-commerce solutions, E-Learning, Custom product catalogs, Inventory control systems, Complex business directories, Reservation systems, Communication tools, Newspapers and Publications, Corporate website solutions, Business recruitment, Online Auction system, Integrated e-commerce systems
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