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Websites are the most important marketing tool today and are the only medium for effective communication. Through the powerful medium of websites, it is possible to share vital information with different parts of your organization. This is made possible today through various web based applications.


We understand the importance of a clear enterprise application design which can set the right process which is why we ensure building the best websites for our clients based specifically on the needs of their businesses. Our team of experts help bring to life your ideas and thoughts on the screen.

In order to develop any new application, it is necessary to use the best web development techniques and create the most user-centric website. OMR solutions stands on a foundation of a strong team of experts offering their services in creating even the most complex applications such as –

  • Inventory control systems
  • Custom product catalogs
  • Application bridges
  • Data reporting tools
  • Reservation systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Communication tools

OMR Solutions is successfully handling a number of application development projects. Our technical team is highly adept at developing the most advanced systems which can deal with large amounts of transactions and data as well as complex business logic. We are here to offer our clients the most trustworthy and innovative software solution to complement your ideas and visions.

We offer application development services to our clients and our highly trained staff use their expertise to specially customize specific needs. Our technical expertise in combination with our potent methodologies and cross-domain experience ensure thatour clients enjoy the best of Internet applications.
We enhance performance through a deep understanding and fine-tuning of our client’s existing technical architecture and business functionality.  Our technical support team takes all efforts in ensuring that your system runs without any problems. This is done through periodic application enhancement and problem analysis/resolution.

Our unwavering commitment to quality is evident with our independent software auditing and testing services offered to our client’s web applications. These services include verification of functionality, GUI usability, review of codes and compliance to HTML standards through periodical testing, and testing for stability, security and performance.

Take advantage of OMR Solutions’ strong and expert project management and technical team which can transform your business ideas and implement them in the most successful manner through cost effective software solutions.


 OMR Solutions offer our clients a range of online solutions including the most appealing website design, development of complex multi-tier internet system and custom programming using the latest technologies in keeping with the current industry trends. We have the expertise and experience to use powerful platforms such as Web 2.0 to offer our clients the most comprehensive one stop online solutions such as
Website development, E-commerce solutions, E-Learning, Custom product catalogs, Inventory control systems, Complex business directories, Reservation systems, Communication tools, Newspapers and Publications, Corporate website solutions, Business recruitment, Online Auction system, Integrated e-commerce systems
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