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Small businesses have various unique requirements that have to be fulfilled in order to establish a strong presence. One of the most important needs for medium and small businesses is to find effective and powerful online solutions. This can be quite a daunting task. It is important handing over your online solution requirements to expert professionals.

We at OMR Solutions offer companies comprehensive online solutions including web designing. We help boost your sales and place you well in a position to become market leaders in your niche. We give you that competitive edge by incorporating powerful features in your business through our range of solutions such as –


  • E-Commerce
  • E-Learning
  • Reservation systems
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Custom Product Catalogs
  • Corporate Website solutions
  • Newspapers and Publications
  • Communication tools
  • Integrated e-commerce systems
  • Complex business directories
  • Online Auction system
  • Business recruitment

Our expert professionals, who are adept at providing online solutions for small businesses, will create the perfect website that has the potential to strongly establish your business online in an objective manner. We provide enhanced functionality and design to create a website that can serve your business needs to the maximum. In order to help your business gain a foothold, our web design consultants will offer comprehensive services such as handling tasks that are repetitive in nature and increasing sales by enhancing lead generation.

Powerful and effective online solution is nothing but simplifying online tasks to reach a wide audience base. For example, rather than snail mailing your business catalog to hundreds of contacts or sending them to prospects via e-mail, we offer you our services to post custom product catalogs on your website which will be accessible to a broad prospect base.

If you are running a hotel and are looking for online solutions, we can create a powerful website integrated with an online reservation system. If you are a public auction company, we offer web solutions that ensure the most appropriate auction website system.
For companies that have to maintain an inventory, we offer our specialized services for creating the most effective inventory control systems. We also provide our clients with state of art communication tools in order to maximize and enhance business opportunities.


 OMR Solutions offer our clients a range of online solutions including the most appealing website design, development of complex multi-tier internet system and custom programming using the latest technologies in keeping with the current industry trends. We have the expertise and experience to use powerful platforms such as Web 2.0 to offer our clients the most comprehensive one stop online solutions such as
Website development, E-commerce solutions, E-Learning, Custom product catalogs, Inventory control systems, Complex business directories, Reservation systems, Communication tools, Newspapers and Publications, Corporate website solutions, Business recruitment, Online Auction system, Integrated e-commerce systems
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